Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Soooooo, lesson learned. If you want to get the good pumpkins, the day before Halloween isn't the best day to go. However, with Mark just getting back in town and his crazy work schedule, we had to make due. The kids loved it and we had the opportunity to carve some very difficult pumpkins this year. I can honestly say I was completely worn out by the end of it all. For future reference...the bumpy ones...and the green ones...are SUPER TOUGH to carve.
Dakota and dad doin their best.
Dakota was so ready to start carving and ready for me to be done cleaning out her pumpkin.
It looks like he's scooping out...nope...dumping it back in
everytime Bodee stuck his hand in he would say "ewwwwww"
we dug all the guts out...and he put them all back in
Dakota carving her masterpiece
the finished product :)
Vierig Family "punkins"
the Rafter V of course ;)
our signature dog head...

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