Sunday, December 12, 2010

II MHG Christmas Party

Back to back parties...I know. Doesn't get much better. A few of the K9 wives decided we would go to the party this year for Mark's company. Santa was there and they give out amazing prizes...sounded worth it to me ;). Last year Mark and I made out with a Blue tooth and a travel tool set. I knew it could only get better this year...and did...;)

Oh the typical Christmas picture with Santa! I'm just so happy it was an improvement from last years...('10)At least for Dakota LOL...('09) I actually thought Bodee was gonna be ok...he waved at the elves (pretty ladies) and even showed Santa his candy cane. But that was the end of that...Dakota told Santa exactly what she wanted...just one thing...seriously? And I don't think Santa had that on his list :( LOL. This was her telling Santa that we didn't have any carrots for his reindeer at our house :).Fascinated by the bear...this is what Bodee was looking at when my ticket number got called. Dilemma...staying with my son to make sure he didn't tear down Santa's Wonderland...or retrieve my new Nintendo DSi...I can't wait to play some games on my new DSi. (there was another mom there to watch him...I'm not that bad haha)They had tons of craft tables for the kiddos...she was making a bracelet here that said "daddy" :(Candy cane in mouth...Christmas mug empty (because he poured the water out on the table...a diaper is a quick "cleaner upper" in case you were wondering)...and foot up chillin...doesn't get much better! again with the "cheese" my boy!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Church Christmas Party

The annual Christmas party was tonight. I always do my best to stay as busy as possible when Mark is gone. The kids need distractions (and so do I). Although it was weird being there without him, the kids had a blast. There was tons of food...and better yet...tons of desserts! We missed ya Mark! The pic definitely was incomplete!
Ok...the funny thing about this pic...Dakota is always the one ready to smile...and Bodee takes some convincing. This time...I was so worried about whether Bodee would smile that I didn't even bother with Dakota....oops :). Still love the pic though! Double Fistin...Cookie in one hand...M&M in the other ;)
Bodee has officially mastered the "cheese" matter what he's doing...or eating ;)
GQ checkin out his sister...hand in pocket and all!
Mom: "Dakota, smile please..."
Mom: "ok Dakota...seriously...just one good smile"
Mom: "smile dangit!" LOL (and even then, she was mad cuz Orion got in the pic...GIRLS! haha

Monday, November 1, 2010

Treats Tricks!

Okay...I promise this is the last Halloween post...we had a busy one :). After having the kids in their costumes several times, I think Bodee was done. This was the best we could get from him but it turned out super cute anyway. The western shirt is under his sweatshirt and the cowboy hat? well, it stayed in the stroller and we used it as a reserve candy bucket :). We walked a full loop around the neighborhohod and the kids had a blast and made out like bandits! (actually, we made out since we have hidden the candy now lol)

ready to head out...sorry the trashcan made the pic
Mom: Hold on we go...
Dad leading his little cowboy around the neighborhood
Our Super Neighbor Mrs. Susan had Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream for us to sample!!
Mrs. Susan and the Kiddos
Dakota and her buddy Orion gettin the goods
Bodee wasn't shy ;)
He kept thinking the people were trying to steal his bucket...wasn't happenin !
Mrs. June and Mr. Johnny made the trip down for Trick or Treating just like last year. Dakota didn't leave her side!!!
My little Unicorn
Daddy gave Dakota and Orion glow sticks to light the way
Trick or Treating on the go...they drove around and handed out candy...Cute!
Bodee's horse slowed him down...this was much faster ;)
Dakota and Orion
Mommy leading the was tougher than it looks
Bodee was checking her out....
He quickly went to his happy place

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

For the past few years we have gone to a local pumpkin patch that a church has in front of their building. However, we haven't ever waited until the day before to get our pumpkins so it was slim pikkins this year. As I mentioned in the earlier post, the pumpkins we picked were WAY tougher to carve than the ones that I'm sure were here when they opened on day 1 :). The kids had a ton of fun riding in the wagon, playing in the hay and picking out their pumpkins so it was worth it in the end. It's all about the pictures and memories right? LOL
Bodee apparently didn't want his pic taken...
Hitchin' a Ride
Bodee still didn't want to be part of the pic

Scarecrow Dakota
Chauffeur Mom
Farmer Dad and Hillbilly Dakota Bodee's Limo for the day
Bodee wanted to be like sister...until he stuck his head inside LOL
Bodee kept trying to pick up the heaviest pumpkins

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Soooooo, lesson learned. If you want to get the good pumpkins, the day before Halloween isn't the best day to go. However, with Mark just getting back in town and his crazy work schedule, we had to make due. The kids loved it and we had the opportunity to carve some very difficult pumpkins this year. I can honestly say I was completely worn out by the end of it all. For future reference...the bumpy ones...and the green ones...are SUPER TOUGH to carve.
Dakota and dad doin their best.
Dakota was so ready to start carving and ready for me to be done cleaning out her pumpkin.
It looks like he's scooping out...nope...dumping it back in
everytime Bodee stuck his hand in he would say "ewwwwww"
we dug all the guts out...and he put them all back in
Dakota carving her masterpiece
the finished product :)
Vierig Family "punkins"
the Rafter V of course ;)
our signature dog head...