Monday, November 1, 2010

Treats Tricks!

Okay...I promise this is the last Halloween post...we had a busy one :). After having the kids in their costumes several times, I think Bodee was done. This was the best we could get from him but it turned out super cute anyway. The western shirt is under his sweatshirt and the cowboy hat? well, it stayed in the stroller and we used it as a reserve candy bucket :). We walked a full loop around the neighborhohod and the kids had a blast and made out like bandits! (actually, we made out since we have hidden the candy now lol)

ready to head out...sorry the trashcan made the pic
Mom: Hold on we go...
Dad leading his little cowboy around the neighborhood
Our Super Neighbor Mrs. Susan had Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream for us to sample!!
Mrs. Susan and the Kiddos
Dakota and her buddy Orion gettin the goods
Bodee wasn't shy ;)
He kept thinking the people were trying to steal his bucket...wasn't happenin !
Mrs. June and Mr. Johnny made the trip down for Trick or Treating just like last year. Dakota didn't leave her side!!!
My little Unicorn
Daddy gave Dakota and Orion glow sticks to light the way
Trick or Treating on the go...they drove around and handed out candy...Cute!
Bodee's horse slowed him down...this was much faster ;)
Dakota and Orion
Mommy leading the was tougher than it looks
Bodee was checking her out....
He quickly went to his happy place

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