Saturday, December 11, 2010

Church Christmas Party

The annual Christmas party was tonight. I always do my best to stay as busy as possible when Mark is gone. The kids need distractions (and so do I). Although it was weird being there without him, the kids had a blast. There was tons of food...and better yet...tons of desserts! We missed ya Mark! The pic definitely was incomplete!
Ok...the funny thing about this pic...Dakota is always the one ready to smile...and Bodee takes some convincing. This time...I was so worried about whether Bodee would smile that I didn't even bother with Dakota....oops :). Still love the pic though! Double Fistin...Cookie in one hand...M&M in the other ;)
Bodee has officially mastered the "cheese" matter what he's doing...or eating ;)
GQ checkin out his sister...hand in pocket and all!
Mom: "Dakota, smile please..."
Mom: "ok Dakota...seriously...just one good smile"
Mom: "smile dangit!" LOL (and even then, she was mad cuz Orion got in the pic...GIRLS! haha

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