Sunday, December 12, 2010

II MHG Christmas Party

Back to back parties...I know. Doesn't get much better. A few of the K9 wives decided we would go to the party this year for Mark's company. Santa was there and they give out amazing prizes...sounded worth it to me ;). Last year Mark and I made out with a Blue tooth and a travel tool set. I knew it could only get better this year...and did...;)

Oh the typical Christmas picture with Santa! I'm just so happy it was an improvement from last years...('10)At least for Dakota LOL...('09) I actually thought Bodee was gonna be ok...he waved at the elves (pretty ladies) and even showed Santa his candy cane. But that was the end of that...Dakota told Santa exactly what she wanted...just one thing...seriously? And I don't think Santa had that on his list :( LOL. This was her telling Santa that we didn't have any carrots for his reindeer at our house :).Fascinated by the bear...this is what Bodee was looking at when my ticket number got called. Dilemma...staying with my son to make sure he didn't tear down Santa's Wonderland...or retrieve my new Nintendo DSi...I can't wait to play some games on my new DSi. (there was another mom there to watch him...I'm not that bad haha)They had tons of craft tables for the kiddos...she was making a bracelet here that said "daddy" :(Candy cane in mouth...Christmas mug empty (because he poured the water out on the table...a diaper is a quick "cleaner upper" in case you were wondering)...and foot up chillin...doesn't get much better! again with the "cheese" my boy!

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